Ahoy there!

I’m Ros Hodgekiss, Customer Experience Programs Manager at Campaign Monitor, email marketing nerd, sailor and a Disaster Responder and Blood Transportation Specialist with the American Red Cross.

I live San Francisco, with roots in Australia and the Philippines.

My specialist areas include:

  • Customer Experience – Driving retention and growth in the customer base, by designing, executing and iterating on a customer journey for new and existing customers. Projects include: Automated outreach to at-risk customers, live events & webinars, research and collaboration with Product, Product Marketing, Support and Customer Success.
  • Project management – Following PMO principles, my achievements include launching Campaign Monitor’s new customer support portal and knowledge base. Results in FY18 Q1-Q2 include: IRT reduced from 33 hours to < 1 hour, 10% reduction in case time-to-resolution, Support Contact Index (SCI) reduced from 0.109 to 0.066.
  • Email marketing – 10+ years of design, operations and analysis experience, including the publication of definitive HTML email guides and resources.
  • Design & Code – Dynamic content & API integration on the ‘Email Personalization’ landing page and email. Visual refresh of support.myemma.com.


Sometimes I participate in webinars, conferences and workshops, like:

I also write a lot, too. For example:

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We can start a conversation by talking about:

  • Sailing – Drop the hook, I’m listening!
  • Places we’ve travelled – I go walkabout, I speak Spanish. México City is my long-weekend escape.
  • Cycling, skiing and the outdoors – Favorite tour? Glacier National Park.
  • Food – Gee, I can’t pass on fried chicken.
  • Things that make you happy.

If you see overlap between your Venn diagram and mine, please get in touch.